RUSSIAN JOURNAL OF LEGAL STUDIES is an interdisciplinary and scientific-practical publication for a wide circle of authors and readers, experts from various fields of knowledge and branches of law.

For purposes of scientific research of applicants for academic degrees of Doctor and Candidate of Legal Sciences, the journal mainly publishes scientific articles on all legal profile groups (subgroups) scientific specialty 12.00.00 «Legal science»

The journal contains both original articles as well as analytical materials (including reviews, overview of law enforcement agencies practical experience, statistical data) and scientific translation of foreign expert’s works. The journal is purposed for practitioners and researchers, professors, postgraduates and student of socio-humanitarian faculties of universities.

Main idea of the journal is in thematic consolidation of lawyer views from various areas of law, also economists, philosophers, political scientist, sociologists and cultural studies on general and actual problems of Russian and foreign legal science and practice.

The Journal unlike other similar publications does not represent a collection of various scientific articles. Its goal is to create a common thematic space in which authors could speak from different perspectives on one common theme. At the same time, they are not obliged to adhere strictly to conceptual unity by consideration of the problems interesting to them. Authors can have may have different points of view and fundamentally different ways of solving problems.

Within the magazine articles are united thematically, but not necessarily matching on the conceptual content and an ideological orientation of work. Composite authors is not permanent and is created usually in the situational way. Depending on the chosen thematic specified authors are invited. Therefore, this group of authors has no leaders that define in advance its content and regulate the degree of conceptual novelty. Nevertheless, it has Scientific editors and Editorial

Board members who select and edit texts, passing them through the filter of their own requirements for the content, quality and design.

Editorial Board and Council are one of the main advantages of the journal. Its members include prominent scientists that act as main leaders and moderators of journal ideas.

Journals publishing house is organized by chief editor KERIMOV Alexander Jangirovich, Doctor of Law, Professor at the Federal State Unitary Enterprise «Publishing House» Izvestia » Presidential Directorate of Russian Federation.

Contact ph. 8-499-241-15-95.

The journal is registered by Federal service for supervision in the sphere of telecommunications, information technologies and mass communications (ROSKOMNADZOR).